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Student Experiences

"It broadened my idea of teaching and what it means to be an educator..."   - Megan

"The trip was such a wonderful opportunity for an authentic experience of another culture and to gain a whole new perspective on the world and the life that we were fortunate enough to be born into..."   - Megan

"The real experience was coming to the realisation that together, this courageous combination of likeminded people united to form a strong team who worked for and witnessed change in so many peoples lives..."   - Kasi

"This trip to Kenya changed my life for the better in so many ways. It has changed my perspective of the world and made me realise how having an education provides someone with many opportunities..."   - Alex

"The service-learning trip to Kenya was an incredible and life-altering experience. It made me reflect on who I was as a person, who I want to be and what I want to do with my life..."   - Frances 

"The dumpsite is an experience, which shocked me to my very existential core. The faces of children that i came across through my work as a medical volunteer frequently resurface in my mind..."   - Basil 

"I don’t feel I have words to express the emotional connections I formed with the girls and women of the IDP camp the day we presented the care packs. In the scheme of things it seems only a small thing for us to have done, but their faces expressed so much hope for improvement of their circumstance, that it honestly fuels me through anything life throws my way.


It’s funny how the gift of empowerment is of more value than that of something tangible..."   - Kahlia

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